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116805 visitors since then. Shouldn t this webcam work or should the link be wrong please report that here. You can add this webcam here to myCams. Santiago di, compostela : Santiago, Praza Obradoiro Webcam Europa. Santiago di Compostela @ avel (it) Santiago de Compostela: Cathedral @ avel Thereby the webcam seems to be currently inactive. So far, it was added to their personal favorites on by 5 people. In inglese Webcam located on a balcony of the Palace of Raxoi, seat of the presidency of the Xunta de, galicia and the town hall. This webcam is currently assigned. It was originally added on January 11, 2018 and has been viewed 13,640 times since then. Another good point is Plaza Quintana, where we can admire the side entrance to the cathedral. It is said that after the recognition of the remains of Bishop Teodomiro to come to worship him even Charlemagne. In 1589, they were hidden from the English "anti-Armada but carefully so that then they could not find. It should also say that in some way through the distance on earth, then the walls are installed peculiar pointers - shells of Saint James. Fence tomb intact preserved to this day. Still, I will pass over quickly food (where did I not). Arriving at the Obradoiro plaza we find the. The Mass of the Pilgrim is celebrated every day at the main altar of the Cathedral of Santiago at 12:00. The current cathedral was started in 1075 in the image of the Basilica of Saint Sernin Toulouse. And it is just a metal figure, and how much sense. Santiago can easily be visited in 2 days unless you have just arrived from the. One of the most famous cities in the world for the millions of pilgrims that each year receives, Santiago de Compostela remains among the 5 most visited cities in Spain. Visiting these holy places is not always possible, take a look at the timetable. Not so honorable, but with a small amount of time and great interest - the only option. The second is Las Huertas - restaurant holding two elderly couples (it seemed to me that women - sisters).


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It's time to go to the city park Alameda, just to see the city and take a stroll among the fairy trees. In this chapter, I will give you advice on how to fully live the city even you have decided not to get here by walking. There are 322 hotels If you need advice on how to book your hotel corridas femeninas trio amater read here! Personally, I choose an Airbnb apartment, but I can not recommend any hotel in particular. And exit through the north portal of the facade. In general, if a bully, do not pass by). For an ornate altar - a pedestal surrounded by carved stone wall. It should also be said that the idea of pilgrimage was based not only on a visit to the holy relics, but has been associated with the legend of Charlemagne and Roland, and most importantly mysteriously was. In the rooms themselves, I did not dare to go, but happy wandered through the medieval carved courtyard with a statue of Archbishop Fonseca. Head, from which we go is also called as the area, El Obradoiro and was built by architect Fernando de Kassas-and-Novoa. Book here the, free walking tour of Santiago. Take a trip to the market, in this case, it will be the Mercado de Abastos de Santiago, full of local products. Getting around the city is easy, the historic center is not that big. Despite the fact that we do not speak Spanish, but they do not speak in English, we understood each other perfectly. Today, the relics. Since 1868 in the monastery housed the main seminary Compostelan archbishopric. Santiago de Compostela, orte am camino francés. It is unknown why (they say that it will affect the priest of San Pedro de Mesonso but the coffin with the relics of Jacob remained untouched.